Hockey gamers - The moment you have been waiting for has arrived.

Project NHL (PNHL) is a full scale complete graphical modification for NHL 07 which features add-ons and artistry
from the entire hockey community, from all 4 corners of the globe. The best and brightest artists in the business
havecollaborated to bring you this all-encompassing addon which will update your NHL07 from the default EA graphics into a vibrant, more realistic and dynamic looking game.

PNHL updates in full detail:

- All starting and backup goaltenders with proper equipment (pads, trapper, blocker & stick) and their personalized mask graphics. Your choice of realistic looking or hand drawn.

- Players will have updated sticks, skates and helmets

- Team uniforms, letter and numbersets are recreated in hi-resolution

- Arenas come to life with updated ice ads, board and bench adverts, LCD ring graphics and scoreboard displays,
the Project Fan Base crowd enhancements and improved models for higher detail and accuracy

- Cyberfaces for hundreds of players

- Updated referee and coaches graphics

- Miscellaneous items such as glass, pucks, nets

- Updated player profile and line up mugshots

- TV style presentation graphic overlays and scoreclocks

- Front end graphic improvements such as updated team logos, jersey selection images and backgrounds

- The most accurate roster packages on the net courtesy of watis BvH rosters and Eugene Power

- AI gameplay tweaks

FULL DOWNLOAD - A clean install is recommended before installing PNHL.

PNHL Full (326MB) - The entire PNHL bundle.

SINGLE DOWNLOADS - A clean install is recommended before installing PNHL.

PNHL Arenas (193MB)
The PNHL Arena files (Ice, Boards, LCD, Scoreboards, Project Fan Base)

PNHL Goalies (29MB)
This Package contains all the PNHL goalie equipment done using real photographs or hand drawn temps

PNHL Cyberfaces (15MB)
This Package contains all the PNHL cyberfaces.

PNHL Jerseys (68MB)
This Package contains all the PNHL jerseys.

PNHL Miscellaneous Graphic Update Pack(8MB)
This Package contains all the PNHL miscellaneous items - referees, nets, coaches, pucks, ingame overlays

PNHL Front End Update Pack (15MB)
This Package contains all the PNHL front end improvements such as player mugshots, backgrounds,
jersey selection screen items and team logos.

PNHL Roster and AI Pack(5MB)
This Package contains all the PNHL rosters and AI tweaks, as well as IAM's editor and NHLView
to make your own personalized tweaks.


I'd like to personally thank each and every person who contributed items to this project. Without their hard work and detail, PNHL07 would not be possible. I will update the contributor list as people remind me - there were so many contributions from all over that I may forget some names. I assure you that everyone's role was significant enough to warrant inclusion in the list - so if you've been left out, just tell me and I'll add you to the credits.Not everyone's work made it into the first release - there will be updates to the pack, so if your work isn't there, don't panic. It will be in future updates.

In no particular order, thanks in part to:

AJHockey, acvsaafod, alex17, Antti, Brad26, Cambrian, CapnGeeoff, Captain Mazda, CarLOS, Danne, Desouza, Dickey, djblue, DmG, Dralex, DT77, Duder, Epik, EsaK/Esci, Eugene Power, Fennernen, Fredd, Greymana, IAM, JaFFith, Janne, Jesse94, Karl/Cheesesteak, Kenu, Kid-A, Let Down, Maddy, Marius, Mars, McD, O98, outlaw21, pekka.poro, Pepe, Pezzamist/Kelster, Phil09, Prodigy, Rebel, Redman, Ricci-61, shoah, Spellcheck/LH, Suchy_63, Unorthadox, xstevex, Yammer and XIII.

Enjoy the package.

Можно по подробнее об этом проэкте. Желательно на русском языке. Заранее спасибо.